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Physical Education Program

Physical Education Program

Monday, February 17, 2014

The choices children make and the behavioural patterns they establish during childhood have both immediate and long term consequences on their personal health and well-being. Recent research has indicated that we are in the midst of a youth fitness crisis. Encouraging students to participate in regular fitness activities can help them develop and maintain healthy, active lifestyles now and in the future.

The physical education program at West Rouge is designed to introduce, develop, and maintain in students a love of physical activity. The use of a variety of ideas and methods, filled with enthusiasm and fun, will help promote physical activity. Fitness activities help students' motor development, assist their cognitive development of understanding and following instructions, encourage a readiness to participate in organized activities, and facilitate social interaction with their peers.

The primary program includes a balance of developmentally appropriate opportunities for skill development, movement education, games/sports and health-related activities. Students have opportunities to improve or maintain their fitness levels on an ongoing basis.

The elementary HPE curriculum is organized into three strands, corresponding to three major areas of knowledge and skill: Healthy Living includes healthy eating, growth and development, personal safety and injury prevention, and substance use and abuse. Fundamental Movement Skills includes locomotion/travelling, manipulation and stability. Active Participation includes physical activity, physical fitness, living skills and safety. These strands combine the living skills (e.g., personal, interpersonal, communication, conflict resolution, goal-setting, organizational, time-management, problem-solving and decision-making skills) that all students require, according to the Ontario Curriculum HPE.

The all day kindergarten students have a similar program which invites them to participate in a variety of activities that require the use of large and small muscles. Students will be given the opportunity to play co-operative games both in the gym and outside using a variety of equipment. The emphasis is always on fun, active participation in physical activities.