Day Schedule
Day 1 - Literacy, Math, STEAM, Outdoor FUN
Day 2 - Literacy, Math, STEAM Outdoor FUN
Day 3 - Literacy, Math, STEAM Outdoor FUN
Day 4 - Literacy, Math, STEAM Outdoor FUN
Day 5 - Literacy, Math, STEAM Outdoor FUN

Classroom Activities

Stay Connected

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Log into our Google Classroom to stay connected and check your emails for virtual meetings and times.

Innovate Create Passion Projects & STEAM

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Remember when you were all STEM Buddies with the grades sixes back in grade one? We had a blast - We Stemifid the Mars Rover landing with our STEM buddies using coding of our Dash and dot robots!

While safe at home remeber to explore STEM any way you can. COde on the hour code sites we have explored this year. Create, build and innovate to solve a community need. Have FUN investigating through scientific inquiry, research, experimentation and technological problem solving (STE(A)M)
Present your Passion projects any creative way you wish. We look forward to your sharing of all your learning!

All the MATHS! Mathematical Growth Mindset

Monday, April 27, 2020

This week ALL grade threes are Creating their very own STORES! Creating a Logo, Items to sell under $10 shopping at their stores and and sharing with their friends!
Next Week we will set up the West Rouge MALL and we will shop at each other's stores. We are looking forward to all your creative and innovative ideas and I can't wait to go SHOPPING at your stores!

All students are always encouraged to challenge themselves with math puzzles and fun math activities and review by playing card games with your friends and family, @Knowledgehook @Mathletics @ Khan Academy @ Mash it up Math, @ Illuminations @ MATH @IXL
ANTICS, etc... check out the links below! Look for math in your everyday lives.

Math: We will be adding and subtracting large numbers with several strategies and applying these skills with money to ten dollars. After that we were to begin multiplication facts. If your child is curious about money, making change, or starting to think about multiplication, these are topics we have yet to cover but are coming up if they want to think ahead.

Topics this them: Positive Growth mindset with all MATHS, Patterning and Algebra, Measurement, Geometry 2D and 3D, Working on fluidity and automaticity with numbers using Daily Number talks, Speedway Math, and Problem Solving across all strands utilizing and developing various efficient strategies.

Please Remember to Care for Yourselves

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Go Noodle is a fun family friendly site to have everyone move and feel better.

Guided Meditation for Kids-
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Gratitude Brings Happiness!
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