Library Activities

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

The Just Read It program is continuing at West Rouge P.S. this year. The aim of the program is to encourage the students to read more often and to enjoy a variety of genres. Book talks with family members is also encouraged as this helps the students make connections to their world through literature. The reading material can be from the library, Scholastic book club orders, home reading materials and can include newspapers, magazines, fiction, non-fiction, bibliographies and more. Enter as often as you wish ( at least one book each week at the students' reading level has been encouraged) to win a prize on the WRPS website. Students are encouraged to sign out a new book during their weekly visit. Kindergarten and grade 1 may sign out one book each week. Grade 2 may sign out two books, grade 3 -6 may sign out three books. I am proud of the students who exchange books on a regular basis. If you encourage your child to bring the book home and have shared reading time, they are more likely to take responsibility for the book and ensure its return. Students request specific book titles. If your child has overdue books, it is respectful to others to return them. Check with your classroom teacher for the scheduled library day.Books can be returned and renewed with an updated due date if the student needs more time to enjoy their selection. Misplaced/lost books are time consuming for everyone to trace. Any parents who wish to volunteer in the library (shelving books, decorating and changing learning centers ) please contact Mrs. Thompson. I encourage you to have meaningful book talk with your children and make some exciting connections to their world through literature. The junior book buddies are a valuable asset at recess. They help keep the book shelves organized! Thank you girls for all of your dedication.

Library Activities - Health

Churchman, Key - Health
Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

In our new health unit, the students are identifying substances found in tobacco products and the effects on their health. Discussions are focussing on making healthy, informed choices about smoking and why people start this habit. Long and short term effects of first and second hand smoke will commence their research topic for an individual or partner project which will be done in class and presented in February. I encourage home discussion on this health topic. Your child can share the knowledge from our class discussions. We have covered: media influences, how cigarettes are made, health risks, legal issues, environmental concerns. A written test, trivia game, completed notes and class participation will be evaluated.

Hlywa Gr. 2, Hummel ,McKenzie Health - Health
Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

In our new health unit, the students are learning the difference between prescription and non-prescription medicines, giving examples of each. They have learned some medicine safety rules and the proper use of medicines. Please review the information on medicine containers at home to support our lesson. Home discussions are important. The students enjoy sharing their learning from home. We have discussed healthy habits to prevent ill health. They are encouraged to keep updated notes for evaluation at the end of the unit.

Gordon- Health Gr 5
Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

In our next health unit, the students are learning the short and long term effects of alcohol use and can identify factors that affect intoxication. Class discussions focus on applying decision making skills to deal with pressures pertaining to alcohol use or other behaviours that could later lead to addiction. The students are learning to identify personal and social factors that can affect a person's decision to drink alcohol. Class participation, updated notes, paper bag task, a research project/presentation and a written test will be evaluated.

Genco - Health Gr 6
Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

In our next unit, the students are learning the range of effects associated with using cannabis and other illicit drugs and intoxicating substances. They are aware of people in the community and resources (kid's help phone, public health) that can provide support when dealing with choices or situations involving substance use and addictive behaviours. Discussions focus on using decision making strategies and skills and understanding the factors influencing drug use. The students are learning the importance of making safe personal choices about the use of drugs. A research project, updated notes, paper bag task, a written test and class participation will be evaluated.

Sharpe, Hlywa Gr 3 - Health
Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

In our next unit, the students are learning about legal and illegal substance use and abuse and the impacts of abusing these substances. Discussions focus on making healthy choices about behaviours and the use of various substances in ways that could lead to dependencies. Class participation, updated notes and a quiz will evaluate their knowledge. Please have some discussion at home.

Library Activities - Music

Ferguson - Drama , Dance, Music
Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

In Drama, the students are learning to demonstrate an understanding of the element of character by adopting thoughts, feelings and gestures relevant to the role being played. The students will explore the use of puppets, masks and literature. In Dance, the students are encouraged to use movements that are part of their daily experience in a variety of ways. Different forms of media and a variety of literature will support their learning. In Music, the students will be encouraged to apply the elements of music when singing, playing instruments and responding to media. The use of simple instruments will be explored.

Health - Sharma Grade One
Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

We have completed our unit on habits and behaviours. The students learned that some of these can be detrimental to personal health and they understand how people can be encouraged to adopt healthier alternatives (exercise, less screen time, leisure activities, hobbies). Discussions focus on recognizing caring behaviours (listening, respect, helpful, kindness) and exploitive behaviours (inappropriate touching, verbal/physical abuse, bullying, exclusion) and describe the feelings associated with each. Please have important discussions at home related to this topic. We are starting a unit on the senses.

Music, Drama - Mr.Smith, Ms. Walia,Mrs.Shkolnik
Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

The students are learning to use body percussion in understanding beat. They are using simple instruments to perform songs from stories and familiar tunes. Participation in movement songs is encouraged. We are using lummi (rhythm) sticks to emphasize the concept of beat and tempo. We are using movement to dance to music following a variety of themes.


Library Schedule

Drama- Hummel, Sharma

Dance - Hummel, Sharma, MacKenzie
Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

The students will learn to use dance as a language to express feelings and ideas suggested by songs, stories and poems. They will explore dances from around the world and be introduced to a variety of genres of dance.

Health- Sharma, Hummel

Health - Shkolnik , Walia
Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

The students have learned about nutrition. We have had group discussions about "always" and "sometimes" foods. There are sorting games using food cards, songs to sing about foods which help us grow and stay healthy. The use of puppets and literature help to support the students understanding of how to choose foods which our healthy bodies need. Other topics covered include safety (home, school, winter, playground, community), germs, clean bodies, respecting others, sharing and good manners. Please engage in some of these discussions at home.

Key- Health

Music - Mrs. McKenzie
Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

The students are applying the elements of music when singing, playing an instrument and moving. For example, when understanding the concept of pitch, they show how pitch can go up or down and use their body to connect the melody with different movements. To understand tempo, the use of a metronome and simple instruments helps them to play a quick beat or a slow beat. We are singing songs in tune and playing familiar songs in unison. The use of class recorders will help solidify the concepts taught in class. Daily practice of ten minutes will help them with finger and breath control. Their notes are in an orange duotang which should be brought home daily. Please keep the recorder in a case (a spare sock works!) for sanitation reasons. Students are shown in class how they can use their practice time at home. They are to practice drawing their treble clefs at home. A blank staff sheet is in their orange music duotang. Two songs of their choice will be evaluated in January. There will be a theory test from their notes. Please ensure your child has their recorder and music notes for their music class so full participation can occur.