Library Activities

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

The Just Read It program is continuing at West Rouge P.S. this year. The aim of the program is to encourage the students to read more often and to enjoy a variety of genres. Book talks with family members is also encouraged as this helps the students make connections to their world through literature. The reading material can be from the library, Scholastic book club orders, home reading materials and can include newspapers, magazines, fiction, non-fiction, bibliographies and more. Enter as often as you wish ( at least one book each week at the students' reading level has been encouraged) to win a prize on the WRPS website. Students are encouraged to sign out a new book during their weekly visit. Kindergarten and grade 1 may sign out one book each week. Grade 2 may sign out two books, grade 3 -6 may sign out three books. I am proud of the students who exchange books on a regular basis. If you encourage your child to bring the book home and have shared reading time, they are more likely to take responsibility for the book and ensure its return. Students request specific book titles. If your child has overdue books, it is respectful to others to return them. Check with your classroom teacher for the scheduled library day.Books can be returned and renewed with an updated due date if the student needs more time to enjoy their selection. Misplaced/lost books are time consuming for everyone to trace. Any parents who wish to volunteer in the library (shelving books, decorating and changing learning centers ) please contact Mrs. Thompson. I encourage you to have meaningful book talk with your children and make some exciting connections to their world through literature. The junior book buddies are a valuable asset at recess. They help keep the book shelves organized! Thank you girls for all of your dedication. Please return all library books by June 15 for summer closing. Thank you.

Library Activities - Health

Churchman, Key - Health
Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

In our new health unit on human development, the students are learning about the physical changes at puberty and the social/emotional impacts from these changes. They are understanding the importance of personal care and hygienic practices with the onset of puberty. Following this, our personal safety unit focuses on identifying risks associated with communication technology and different types of bullying. I encourage you to have open discussions at home about these sensitive topics.

Hlywa Gr. 2, Hummel ,McKenzie Health - Health
Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

Our personal safety unit will cover information about safety practices in various situations. We will be discussing how to relate positively to others and describe some harmful behaviors that can be inappropriate when relating to others.

Gordon- Health Gr 5
Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

The students are involved in discussions focussing around emotional and interpersonal stresses related to puberty. We will share strategies that can be applied to manage stress, build resilience and enhance their emotional well-being. In our personal safety unit, the students will be able to identify people and support services that can assist with emergencies, injury prevention and bullying. We will discuss how to deal with threatening situations by applying appropriate living skills and safety strategies and how a person's actions can affect his/her and others' feelings and self-concept. I encourage home discussions on these important and sensitive issues.

Genco - Health Gr 6
Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

In our new unit on human development, the students will identify factors that affect the development of a person's self-concept. Discussions will focus on how to build confidence and lay a foundation for healthy relationships by understanding the physical, social and emotional changes during adolescence. They will assess the effects of stereotypes on self-concept and social inclusion and relationships with others. We will share appropriate ways of responding to and changing assumptions and stereotypes. In our personal safety unit, the students will learn to apply interpersonal skills to promote positive interaction and manage conflict in social situations. The students will recognize the responsibilities and risks associated with caring for themselves and others. I encourage you to have discussions at home related to these important and sensitive issues.

Sharpe, Hlywa Gr 3 - Health
Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

In our human development unit, the students identified characteristics of healthy relationships and described ways of overcoming challenges in relationships. We discussed factors (sleep, food, physical activity, heredity, environment) that affect physical and emotional development. The students described how visible and invisible differences make each person unique and identify ways of showing respect for differences in others. In our present unit on personal safety, the students are learning to apply their understanding of good safety practices in a variety of situations.

Library Activities - Music

Ferguson - Dance, Music
Thursday, April 5th, 2018

In Music, the students are singing familiar songs in unison using simple instruments. They also experienced the ORFF instruments and learned to play them in a variety of ways. The concepts of "pitch", "tempo" and "beat" were explored. In Dance, the students are learning to imitate movements found in their natural environment in a variety of ways and incorporate them into dance phrases using a variety of pattern forms.

Health - Sharma Grade One
Thursday, April 5th, 2018

In our new health unit on human development, we have discussed the importance of identifying body parts using the correct terminology in order to maintain good health. The students have learned how to apply proper hygiene procedures for good health. In our personal safety unit, we are discussing how to apply appropriate safety practices in a variety of situations (community, school, home, camping, swimming, animal safety, food allergies, fire). I encourage you to have open discussions at home regarding these important issues.

Music - Mr.Smith,Ms. Walia,Mrs.Shkolnik
Thursday, April 5th, 2018

The students are learning to use body percussion in understanding beat. We are singing familiar songs in unison.They are using simple instruments to perform songs from stories and familiar tunes. They had experience exploring a variety of ORFF instruments to understand "pitch", "beat" and "tempo".Participation in movement songs is encouraged. We are also using lummi (rhythm) sticks to emphasize the concept of beat and tempo. We are using movement to dance to music following a variety of themes.


Library Schedule

Drama- Hummel, Sharma

Dance - Hummel, Sharma, MacKenzie
Thursday, April 5th, 2018

The students will learn to use dance as a language to express feelings and ideas suggested by songs, stories and poems. They will explore dances from around the world and be introduced to a variety of genres of dance.

Health- Sharma, Hummel

Health - Shkolnik , Walia
Thursday, April 5th, 2018

The students have learned important safety practices (home, fire, swimming, animals, food allergies school,playground, community), how to prevent germs, have clean bodies, respecting others, sharing and good manners. Please engage in some of these discussions at home.

Key- Health

Music - Mrs. McKenzie
Thursday, April 5th, 2018

The students are applying the elements of music when singing, playing an instrument and moving. For example, when understanding the concept of pitch, they show how pitch can go up or down and use their body to connect the melody with different movements. To understand tempo, the use of a metronome and simple instruments helps them to play a quick beat or a slow beat. We are singing songs in tune and playing familiar songs in unison. The use of class recorders will help solidify the concepts taught in class. Daily practice of ten minutes will help them with finger and breath control. Their notes are in an orange duotang which should be brought home daily. Please keep the recorder in a case (a spare sock works!) for sanitation reasons. Students are shown in class how they can use their practice time at home. They are to practice drawing their treble clefs at home. A blank staff sheet is in their orange music duotang. Two songs of their choice will be evaluated in May. There will be a theory test from their notes. Please ensure your child has their recorder and music notes for their music class so full participation can occur.