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Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Thinking about you all and missing your boundless energy, enthusiasm and smiling faces.

Students please check out my E-Classroom (using your '' login) if you would like to join for some additional resource support.

I have also email some of you (and parents) personally.

Don't forget to check out all the fun and educational links at the bottom of my page.


2016-2017 Speech Language Support in Kindergarten
Friday, September 30th, 2016

Please find listed in the Document Section....wonderful Language resources you may use at home for you Kindergarten student to enhance their Early Literacy Skills. They are order by month. Enjoy

Website for Math support - all grades
Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

Here are some useful math website that offers online drill questions to test and check understanding at all levels. focus

Year Long Calendar of Speech-Language Activities for primary students
Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

Month by Month Activities beginning with Augustclick here July click here June click here Mayclick here April click here Marchclick hereFebruary click hereJanuary click hereDecember click hereNovember click hereOctober click here September click here

How to Encouraging Language and Literacy from the Dollar Store
Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

Encouraging Language and Literacy from the Dollar Store please see link
click here

Speech-Language Norms and Services
Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

For a chart of Speech / Sound Age Norms please see link click here


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Special Education Poster 2015
Encouraging Language and Literacy from the Dollar Store
Speech Sound Chart by Ages Norms
Special Education Sessions Parents Flyer - Jan 27, 2014


2D shape concentration game (game is lower left of page)
2D shape jeopardy (game is lower left of page)
3D earth explorer
3D shape concentration game (game is lower left of page)
5/6 Patterning Task
A Great Literacy Link
AAA Math
Access Education
Adding Decimals Game
Area and Perimeter Game
Area climber
Area of Triangle Review
At Home Learn Ontario
Base Ten Practice
Billy the Bug Coordinates
Birmingham Museum Activities on Ancient Civilizations
Call of Geometry
Canada Atlas Online
Canada's Provinces and Territories video
Canada's Regions
Cool Brain - Math Games
Cool Math - Math Games
Cool Math For Kids - Long Division
Cool Math Games
Create a Coat of Arms
Creative Writing and poetry
Cyber Smart
Dance Mat Typing
Dividerama 4
Dividerama 5
Division - Snowy Friend
Division Cone Crazy!
Division Video
Educational / Typing games
EQAO-information and practise and rubrics with Math, Reading and Writing
Geometry Games
Grade 4 Social Studies
Grade 6 Math booklet Answers
Grade 6 Nelson Online practice questions
Grade 6 Practice tests and GUASS Math pactice
Grade level games
Illuminations- A great Math Link
Illuminations- AREA TOOL
Inside the Human Body
IXL Math
Khan Academy
Kids Health
Kids' Castle
Kindergarten Ministry Curriculum Document
Learn At Home
Link to Learning
Long Division - Arithmetic Basics - video
Long Division - Wiki How
Long Division Song, Gangom Style - video
Map of Canada
Map of Canada Quiz
Math addition with regrouping
Math Dictionary for Kids
Math Frog
Math Is Fun Worksheets and Games
Math Playground
Math subtraction with regrouping
Math Word Problems for Kids
Mathfrog- University of Waterloo / fun online games and practise grade 4,5,6
Multiplication 4
Multiplication 5
Multiplication Crazy Cone!
Multiplication Fish Shop
Multiplication Flash Cards
Narrative Writing Games at Scholastic
National Geographic for Kids
National Geographic Freshwater Crisis
Nelson Grade 5
Nelson Practice Questions Grade 2/3
Pattern Master
Patterning Game 1
Perimeter climber
Perimeter Game
Persuasion Map
Raz Kids
RaZ Kids Reading -Book Levels Open to Share with Siblings
Read Write Think
Scholastic Learn at Home
Spelling City
Spelling Link
Starfall (fun reading activities for kids)
Starfall- Reading
TVO EQAO Great Problem Solving Videos
TVO kids
TVO Mpower log in link
Typing Games
XtraMath Daily Arithmetic Practice