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Classroom Activities

Day Schedule

Day 1 - Math, Language *** Language, Library, Gym,Science/Social Studies
Day 2 - Math,Language *** Gym, The Arts
Day 3 - Math,Language *** Language, Computers, Science/Social Studies
Day 4 - Math, Language *** Language, Health, Science/Social Studies
Day 5 - Math,Gym,Language *** Language, Computers,, Science/Social Studies


Homework Expectations

You should get your kids in the routine of having 20 min - 1/2 hour of quiet time some time after school. Get them in the habit now so they are prepared for the higher grades. It also gives you some quiet time. The default is - read a book. The majority of the stuff I'd call "homework" is a continuation of what we are doing in school - so finish up work. A lot of the time there will be more than a couple of days to do it. Students should do what they can - if you don't understand something you bring it up tomorrow and we get it straightened out. There should not be tears and a fear of not getting things done. Some students get everything done in class while others are still learning to use their time wisely. So when I post "homework" it is more along the lines of "this is what we are working on" - I'll contact individual parents for students who are falling behind with the expected workload and work out a plan.

IXL equations

Both grades do the grade 3 - O1, O2, O3

Classroom Activities

Homework (stuff we are working on)
Friday, March 9th, 2018

Math: IXL - doing equations the first week back (intro to algebra).

Media: public service announcement (the environment) COMIC - mostly everyone is still working on this - show me what you have first week back - due date Monday, March 26.

Speeches - students have a handout with instructions and a marking scheme. Due after March Break.

*students will have time to work on some of the above when we are doing reading groups the first week back.


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