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Classroom Activities

Day Schedule

Day 1 - Gym, STEM

Day 2 - Music, Library, Health (today)

Day 3 - Gym, STEM
Day 4 - Gym, Music, Info Tech
Day 5 - Gym, Info Tech,The Arts


Grade Sixes Lead The Way!

We are encouraging grade 6 leadership from all students and encourage that become involved various opportunities to practice leadership school.

Office Helpers
Library Helpers
Kindergarten Helpers
Equipment Managers
STEM Mentors
Cross Country Running
FLL team
Me To WE
Chess Club
Ultimate Frisbee
Track and Field

Are some of the many examples to become involved at school.

Communication and Our Google Classroom // Homework Club Continues!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, updates or concerns by e-mail at or call me directly at the school 416 396 6635 during French 9:30-10am. Daily . Also ask your students to show you our Google Classroom Apps and activities on line where they can easily e-mail me with assignments and ask questions for clarification as well as complete assignments.

Have you connected to our classroom SEESAW where you can see, listen and comment on your child's daily school activities and learning? If not, ask your child for your personal devices QR code today.

Homework Club Begins the Week Of October 31st every morning 8- 8:40am in room 19

HomeWork Club in Room 19

Homework Club is Open in Room 19
From 8-8:40am Every Morning.
It is a time and place where students can work on homework, review ideas with the teacher,practice numeration or typing skills, or simply obtain support for any aspect of school. Students are welcome to come through the front doors for an 8am start.

N.B. If it is Cancelled it will be posted on Seesaw or students will be given notice in their agendas.

Welcome to Grade 6!

We are off to a fantastic start to 2018! The students working diligently and have demonstrated great flexibility as they adjust to the growing expectations of grade six.


Maintaining great communication between home and school is key to the partnership of a student’s success within school. West Rouge has a great website that allows parents and students to update their home calendars with special school events as well as links for each teacher. Please visit my link (Ms. Genco) for information and feedback about special events for our class, information about extra and intra- curricular activities as well as direct links to fantastic websites, which relate to what we are learning.
As you have already received the students and I are updating daily learning using the SEESAW App. Please ensure you have your Parent QR code that you can upload on your electronic device. Students have a separate code for their devices.

Classroom Activities

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Students are expected to do their very best at all times and use class time efficiently. Therefore they are expected to accomplish a lot during class! Those students who we find are slipping behind will bring work home. It is recommended that all grade 6 students spend not more than 60 minutes on homework daily. This can be accomplished by reading for fun, self-discovery and enrichment, writing and reviewing concepts from all subject areas as well as self-directed discovery through the ARTs.

All the MATHS!
Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

All students are encouraged to challenge themselves with math puzzles and fun math activities and review by playing card games with your friends and family, @Mathletics @ Khan Academy @ Mash it up Math, @ Illuminations @ MATH
ANTICS, etc... check out the links below! Look for math in your everyday lives.

We are already well into our math program. Along with several ministry and board resources the students are prepared for future textbook work with the Nelson and Pearson programs. Much of math is learned using problem-based learning. Concepts and skills are taught in 2-4 week periods which include daily practice work booklets or a specific research/ tasks / games- activity. At times math homework is assigned to review current lessons and is taken up the following day for consolidation. Please ensure that all homework is returned daily and organized and stored in backpacks.

Topics this them: Positive Growth mindset with all MATHS, Patterning and Algebra, Measurement, Geometry 2D and 3D, Working on fluidity and automaticity with numbers using Daily Number talks, Problem Solving across all strands utilizing various efficient strategies.

Space... We are Celestial Sleuths !
Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

The grades sixes have begun the science unit SPACE and performed several experiments to discover and better understand space discovery and travel. Many have presented their Space Inquiry Infographic Posters and we are excited about sending our Pop bottle rockets up early January. Other topics in Science this year will be investigated through scientific inquiry, research, experimentation and technological problem solving (STE(A)M) Topics will include; Air and Flight, Space, Biodiversity, and Electricity and Electrical Devices.

Upcoming Events/Trips
Monday, January 8th, 2018

Dates to Remember:

Scientist in the school - FLIGHT September 22nd

Picture Day September 26th

Me to We September 28th

Brock Gordon Invitation X Country Sept. 30th 9-12

Borden Ball Tourney Oct 4th
East Cross Country Qualifiers Oct 11th
Girls Soccer Tourney October 13th

November 29th WONDER FILM 9:30-1pm
November 30th for the Celestial Sleuths Scientists workshop.
Coding with Dash and Dot Early January
Overnight Outdoor Ed- SOES May 28th-30th 2018

Graduation/Farewell West Rouge Ceremony and Celebration Monday June 25th 2018.


Welcome to Grade 6 2016 and 2017!
Strategies Used When Solving Problems
Problem Solving Communication
Ontario Math Guide for Parents
Text Talk
Persuasive Essentials
Effective Communication with Problem Solving
Divisibility Rules Poster
Great paragraph writing Anchor
Data Management Classroom Success Criteria
Large Number Place Valur Chart With Decimals
Place Value Chart With How To Say the NUMBER
A Great Math Solution
Steps For Problem Solving
Tips For Taking The TEST
Problem Solving Learning Goals
Metric Conversion Stair
Success Criteria -Communicating
Grade Six Curriculum Anchor Charts


3D earth explorer
A Great Literacy Link
A great Spelling Guide
Canadian Geographic for Kids
Canadian Space Agency Updates with Chris Hadfield, Commader of ISS
Cool Math Games
Create an Electronic Graph
Dance Mat Typing
Division Video
EQAO-information and practise and rubrics with Math, Reading and Writing
FLL Challenge Guide and Information
FLL Resource Videos
Forest of Reading
Grade 6 Math booklet Answers
Grade 6 Nelson Online practice questions
Grade 6 Practice tests and GUASS Math pactice
Hour of Code
Illuminations- A great Math Link
Khan Academy
Letter Generator
Mathfrog- University of Waterloo / fun online games and practise grade 4,5,6
Multiplication Flash Cards
Narrative Writing Games at Scholastic
National Geographic for Kids
Nrich- rich problem solving
Pitch Yaw Roll How Airplanes Change Directions
Read Write Think
Relating Area of Rectangles, Parallelograms & Triangles
Spelling Link
The Steps to Long Division - video
TVO EQAO Great Problem Solving Videos
TVO Mpower log in link
Typing Games