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Day Schedule

Day 1 - Read, Math, STEAM, Outdoor FUN (today)

Day 2 - Read, Math, STEAM Outdoor FUN
Day 3 - Read, Math, STEAM Outdoor FUN
Day 4 - Read, Math, STEAM Outdoor FUN
Day 5 - Read, Math, STEAM Outdoor FUN


DIstance Learning for Grade 3

The TDSB school board and teachers are working diligently to ensure the health and well-being of their students and staff are at the forefront of all decision making
Parents please stay tuned to your email for updates. Feel free to contact us with questions at any time via email.

Communication and Our Google Classroom and Google Meet Times.

It was wonderful seeing you all online this week. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, updates or concerns by e-mail at .

Also ask your students to show you our Google Classroom Apps and activities on line where they can easily email me with assignments and ask questions for clarification as well as complete assignments.

Our next Google Class Meeting will be Monday April 6th @ 1pm. Meet times and links will also be available in the Terrific 3's Google and sent to parent emails.

Read Alouds

These are links to listen to this beautiful novel about kindness by R.J Palacio.

Also check in the links section.

Terrific 3's You are missed.

Thank you to everyone who have connected and shared the activities you have been doing at home.

I encourage all students to connect on the Terrific Threes Google Classroom for daily and weekly updates.I am updating the Grade 3 FUN @ Home Google album daily.

Please see link below that reminds students how to log on to AW and the classroom. As we are all trying to navigate this new situation.
I have provided some links at the bottom of the page if you want to check out some fun activities to do at home, including a link to the Ministry's Learn At Home program.

Parents and students, you can reach me any time at ! I am happy to talk to you.

Classroom Activities

Please Remember to Care for Yourselves
Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Go Noodle is a fun family friendly site to have everyone move and feel better.

Guided Meditation for Kids-
click here

Gratitude Brings Happiness!
click here

All the MATHS! Mathematical Growth Mindset
Sunday, March 29th, 2020

All students are encouraged to challenge themselves with math puzzles and fun math activities and review by playing card games with your friends and family, @Knowledgehook @Mathletics @ Khan Academy @ Mash it up Math, @ Illuminations @ MATH
ANTICS, etc... check out the links below! Look for math in your everyday lives.

Math: Prior to the break we completed Patterning. Next we will be adding and subtracting large numbers with several strategies and applying these skills with money to ten dollars. After that we were to begin multiplication facts. If your child is curious about money, making change, or starting to think about multiplication, these are topics we have yet to cover but are coming up if they want to think ahead.

Topics this them: Positive Growth mindset with all MATHS, Patterning and Algebra, Measurement, Geometry 2D and 3D, Working on fluidity and automaticity with numbers using Daily Number talks, Speedway Math, and Problem Solving across all strands utilizing and developing various efficient strategies.

A Look Back at Space Travel The Mars Rover Landing Simulations!
Sunday, March 29th, 2020

Remember when you were all STEM Buddies with the grades sixes back in grade one? We had a blast - This Month we Stemifid the Mars Rover landing with our STEM buddies using coding of our Dash and dot robots!

Other topics in Science this year will be investigated through scientific inquiry, research, experimentation and technological problem solving (STE(A)M)

Links: Mystery Science

STEM @ Home

Stay Connected
Sunday, March 29th, 2020

Log into our Google Classroom and check your emails for Virtual meeting links and times.


Strategies Used When Solving Problems
Problem Solving Communication
Ontario Math Guide for Parents
Text Talk
Persuasive Essentials
Effective Communication with Problem Solving
Divisibility Rules Poster
Great paragraph writing Anchor
Data Management Classroom Success Criteria
Large Number Place Valur Chart With Decimals
Place Value Chart With How To Say the NUMBER
A Great Math Solution
Steps For Problem Solving
Tips For Taking The TEST
Problem Solving Learning Goals
Metric Conversion Stair
Success Criteria -Communicating


3D earth explorer
A Great Literacy Link
A great Spelling Guide
AAA Math
At Home Learn Ontario
AW and logging on to The Terrific Three's Google Classroom.
Canadian Geographic for Kids
Canadian Space Agency Updates with Chris Hadfield, Commader of ISS
Cool Math Games
Create an Electronic Graph
Dance Mat Typing
Division Video
EQAO-information and practise and rubrics with Math, Reading and Writing
FLL Challenge Guide and Information
FLL Resource Videos
Forest of Reading
Go Noodle for Families - keep fit and have fun!
Hour of Code
Illuminations- A great Math Link
Khan Academy
Kids Health
Letter Generator
Mathfrog- University of Waterloo / fun online games and practise grade 4,5,6
Multiplication Flash Cards
Mystery Science
Narrative Writing Games at Scholastic
National Geographic for Kids
Nrich- rich problem solving
RaZ Kids Reading -Book Levels Open to Share with Siblings
Read Write Think
Relating Area of Rectangles, Parallelograms & Triangles
Spelling Link
STEM @ Home
Stem Activities to Try at Home
The Steps to Long Division - video
TVO EQAO Great Problem Solving Videos
TVO Mpower log in link
Typing Games